Coaching Services

Coaching takes place in one-on-one and group sessions. Other workshop options are possible by request.
Coaching and workshop fees are suggested donations.

One-on-One sessions:
- The full program includes 10 one-on-one sessions: $750
- One-on-one sessions can be designed to accommodate
   individual needs: $80/hour
   (Sliding scale available)

Group work:
- 10 group sessions (with up to 6 participants): $350 per person
- Other workshop possibilities by request
   (Sliding scale available)

Student Rates:
- One-on-one per session: $50
- Single group sessions:
   2 persons: $40/hour per person
   3 persons: $30/hour per person
   4 to 6 persons: $25/hour per person
- 10 group sessions (up to 6 people)
   or weekend workshops: $250 per person