‘Learning with enthusiasm’ offers a wide variety of diverse methods for learning. I acquired these methods over the last fifteen years by attending workshops and lectures. Furthermore I continuously update them based on the latest scientific findings acquired by reading books and essays on brain science and memorizing techniques.

These methods have successfully been tested hundreds of times in person with my students and have received the ‘learning with enthusiasm’ success endorsement. ;).

All techniques introduced are straightforward and effective. They allow my students to nearly immediately enjoy learning again. The brain experiencing the effectiveness inherent in the new studying techniques reinforces continued successful learning. Old ineffective habits that failed to produce effective memorization automatically fall away.

By making new information their own, the paralyzing fear of examinations loses its power over my students. Can you imagine sitting relaxed in front of a examining board? And, beyond that, being successful!!!

At the same time empowering side effects are showing up: lightness, self confidence and a new impetus for studying.