Hello Ms. Stoecker,
I want to express my gratitude.
I passed my Abitur (final high school examination in Germany) earning a B. That’s not totally fantastic, but I’m very content, because before seeing you I was fed up with learning and close to giving up.
Thanks to your tutoring I remained relaxed and mastered the exams without any effort. Although I didn’t prepare for any of them, I was able to mobilize my entire knowledge and remain calmer than ever before.
Because my ability to concentrate increased dramatically, I was able to work for 4 to 5 hours without becoming tired. By working with you, learning brain compatible thinking and memorizing techniques, and receiving your acknowledgment, I gained self-confidence and have become enthusiastic about learning again!
That’s worth its weight in gold. You are really doing an excellent job!
Thank you so much.
Best regards,
Simon Gies, Berlin, Germany (Age 18)

Dear Maria,
Learning always has been stressful for me. I was always under intense pressure, becoming very nervous, especially when taking a test. I couldn’t memorize anything and often failed.
After I worked with you I was surprised to find myself enjoying learning, becoming more and more structured and fully concentrated. You helped me to find my individual, ideal learning strategies and to become an independent , enthusiastic learner. The final success: I received a grade of A in earning my master’s degree in business management.
Thank you very much, Maria.
Anna Arnskoetter, Greven, Germany (Age 24)

Maria takes a holistic approach to assessment of learning styles and tutoring. In one session I felt more confidence and had new skills to apply to the homework at hand. It was like going to a therapy session, I felt much happier with who I am and how I learn after our tutoring session. I'd recommend Maria to anyone who's knows what it's like to feel alone and frustrated in class
Brett Schumacher, Ashland, OR (Age 43)